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10 Feb 2016 10:10 AM | Anonymous

QUESTION: WHAT IS A PROFESSIONAL GERIATRIC CARE MANAGER (GCM)? ANSWER: A Professional Geriatric Care Management (GCM) is a person having specialized knowledge and skills regarding many problems facing today’s seniors. This knowledge enables them to assess the Client's particular needs and make recommendations for local services that will enable the client to achieve the greatest “quality of life”.

QUESTION: WHAT EXACTLY DOES A GCM DO? ANSWER: For families struggling with the needs of aging relatives from across the state, or across the nation, a Professional GCM can be a godsend. The first thing a GCM will do is to conduct an initial assessment. This initial assessment may be tailored to the particular concerns of the family, but usually is for the purpose of determining the areas where the client may be in need of supportive services. The next step of a GCM is to write up a care plan that will address these areas of concern. The next step would be to establish a plan to find caregivers and other supportive services to address these needs. The Professional GCM will then monitor the implementation of these services and establish communications among all parties to assure that all needs are addressed. 

QUESTION: WHAT IF I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT CONCERNS I SHOULD HAVE REGARDING MY LOVED ONE NEEDING THIS TYPE OF HELP? ANSWER: You might ask yourself a few simple questions; · Is my loved one safe in their home? · Are they able to self-administer their medications? · Are they able to understand their Doctor’s instructions? · Am I able to find appropriate caregivers? · Are bills being paid on time? · Am I able to dedicate the time necessary to address these issues? · Would having someone in the immediate area, able to visit regularly and recognize changes in my loved one’s condition, give me peace of mind?

QUESTION: CAN THE PROFESSIONAL GCM ASSIST IN FINDING APPROPRIATE CAREGIVERS? ANSWER: Yes, the GCM can represent the client from a position of professional experience. With a broad background in the various types and levels of care available in the local area, the GCM can make recommendations to the family on how to best meet the Client’s needs. Oftentimes, an unbiased professional can act as an intermediary between client and family in addressing critical life issues i.e. Living Arrangements, (managed in-home care, Assisted Living Facility, and Skilled Nursing Center).

QUESTION: CAN THE GCM ARRANGE FOR IN-HOME CARE? ANSWER: Because the GCM is unable to contract on the client’s behalf, we are unable to “arrange” for caregivers or other in-home services, but based on our familiarity with the professional caregivers and other providers of geriatric services in the immediate area, the GCM is able to make recommendations to the client and family.

QUESTION: HOW IS THE AMOUNT OF TIME DEDICATED TO A PARTICULAR CLIENT DETERMINED? ANSWER: In an effort to avoid any impression of impropriety, many (but not all) professional GCM’s avoid contracting directly with the Client, but rather contract with a responsible party, such as a son or daughter. This assures that a neutral party determines the number of hours that a GCM dedicates to a particular client.

QUESTION: WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION REGARDING PROFESSIONAL GERIATRIC CARE MANAGERS (GCM) IN POLK COUNTY FLORIDA? ANSWER: More information can be received by contacting: David F. Dumont and/or Rosalyn Dumont Post Office Box 91806 Lakeland, FL 33804-1806 (863) 859-5517 or visit their website at

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